The Most Extraordinary Cat Food on Earth

Brought to you by the same team that brought you Raw Wild Dog Food. Raw Wild Dog Food Earned a 5-Star Rating from Dog Food Advisor!

The Best Raw Cat Food

You are what you eat, and the same goes for your best fried.

Feed Your Friend the Very Best

With RAW WILD Cat Food, your cat is always eating the very best! The purity of the RAW WILD Raw Cat Food ingredients support overall health. Just like with humans, cats are what they eat.

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Made in America

100% Guaranteed

5-Star Rating*

*Raw Wild Dog Food Earned a 5-Star Rating from Dog Food Advisor. Raw Wild Cat Food is made from the same high quality ingredients!

the most extraordinary cat food on earth

RAW WILD is made from 100% organic wild elk and venison meat from the rocky mountains. We keep things natural, which means zero hormones, zero antibiotics, zero grain or gluten, zero preservatives, and zero GMOs. Give your best friend the diet they deserve, and feed them the diet they were born to eat.

Adapted to eat a raw, prey-based diet

Because cats evolved to fill this top predator niche, their bodies are specifically geared for processing a raw, prey-based diet. 

Get most their fluids from their foods

Limited ability to digest carbohydrates

Teeth and jaws designed to eat meat

This is as true for a tiger as it is for the cat on your lap.

What Makes Raw Wild Extraordinary?

Five Star Rating

RAW WILD has hundreds of 5 Star Reviews from happy customers

Made In America

Our ingredients are born in the USA, not manufactured overseas.


If your cat won't eat it, we will! 100% satisfaction or

your money back.

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What people are saying about raw wild

While Raw Wild Cat Food is a new product, see what people have been saying about Raw Wild dog Food which is made from the same wild elk and deer meat and bone.