Not ready to make the leap to 100% raw pet food?
Feed your pet RAW WILD as a topper.

Your cat is an ‘obligate carnivore’, which means it must eat meat.  That’s because a meat only diet provides felids (cats) with certain vitamins and fatty acids in their pre-formed state.  All cats, from lions to your kitty, have lost the ability to make these amino acids and vitamins in their own bodies, like a herbivore or omnivore can do.  Through the millions of years of evolution, they have not needed to be able to make these since the animals they are eating have already done it for them.  For example, cats need vitamin A in its pre-formed state, but can't make it from beta-carotene the way a mouse does eating carrots – so the cat eats the mouse.  Cats also need a significant amount of taurine, choline, and arginine, all of which are found almost exclusively in animal flesh.  Fortunately, raw meat sources have plenty of these.  Simply put, cats must eat meat to live!  Felines also rely on their food to get much of their moisture.  They need more than just water or processed, pasteurized (cooked at high temperature) milk.  Their Ten Million years of evolution is based on hunting their prey and eating it raw, for basic nutrition and moisture.    

Raw deer and raw elk meat retain the moisture and nutrients as nature intended – as potent as possible, and the way cats have eaten for the last ten Million years.  Don’t let the thought of raw meat unsettle you, Raw Wild is packaged and feels just like the hamburger you buy in the store.  There is nothing more natural or healthy for cats, whose digestive systems have evolved over time to only eat raw meat, just like they would consume in the wild.

If you are feeding your cat a canned or bagged, processed product, why not supplement it with an organic topper, that will truly satisfy your cat’s most basic instincts and needs?  RAW WILD RAW CAT FOOD is full of beneficial items such as anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins, fiber, and fatty acids.  It is complete and balanced with everything your cat needs, and it also contains a lot of moisture, which is crucial for your pet’s hydration.  By adding RAW WILD as a topper to the main meal, it helps make the coat shiny, improves the digestive system and makes their bodies run better.  Join the many other pet lovers who feed their best friends the most extraordinary pet food on earth!


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