Not ready to make the leap to 100% raw pet food?
Feed your pet RAW WILD as a topper.

The overwhelming majority of pet toppers on the market today are just more cooked or dehydrated, non-natural products. Dehydration is terrible for a cat that relies on getting much of its moisture from its food. Even worse, dehydration uses high heat that destroys much of the nutrients that are present in raw meat. Raw deer and elk meat leave nutrients as natural and potent as possible, and gives your kitty the moisture that is usually lacking. While the thought of raw meat might seem a bit unsettling, Raw Wild is packaged like and feels just like the hamburger you buy in the store.  And there’s nothing more natural for pets, whose digestive systems have evolved over time to handle the raw meat (and even bones) that they would consume in the wild. 

If you keep feeding the same dry pet food to your pet over a long period of time, you’re basically limiting the number and amount of nutrients your pet is getting and putting significant stress on their digestive system. Your pet will always be deprived of certain necessary ingredients, such as vitamins and minerals, and maybe even moisture. While most pet food has the required amount of proteins and calories, they often lack vitamins or probiotics due to the heavy processing they go through, which greatly harms their nutritional value.

RAW WILD served as a topper is one easy way to make your pet’s dry food appealing again.

RAW WILD raw pet food is full of beneficial items such as anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins, fiber, and fatty acids. It also contains a lot of moisture, which is also great for your pet’s hydration. By adding RAW WILD as a topper to the main meal, it helps make the coat shiny, improves the digestive system and makes their bodies run better. Join the many other pet lovers who feed their best friends the most extraordinary pet food on earth!


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