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Born and Raised in the Wild

Our raw dog food ingredients are great for your pup.

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Because it matters.

We take organic seriously. Our raw dog food is
comprised of the healthiest ingredients.

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"Greatest Dog Food Ever!"

We've been feeding our dog RAW WILD since she was 8 weeks old and she's growing fast and strong on it. Even though her puppy coat is shedding and her adult coat is coming in, people are constantly shocked by how incredibly soft her coat still is.


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How much raw dog food does my dog need?

Our rule of thumb for raw dog food is 3% of their body weight daily. Use our dog food calculator to decide the right amount for your dog. 

7 Reasons why a raw dog food diet will improve your dog's health!

If your dog has health problems, this could be the change they need.

If your dog won't eat it, we will!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Let us make you and your dog happier. 

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Ultra Premium Raw Dog Food

Watch this video to learn more about RAW WILD. 

What Makes RAW WILD Extraordinary?

RAW WILD - Premium Raw Dog Food (48lbs Monthly)
  • Five Star Rating

    RAW WILD received a 5 star rating from Dog Food Advisor.

  • Made in America

    Our ingredients are born in the USA, not manufactured overseas. 

  • Guaranteed

    If your dog won't eat it, we will. 100% satisfaction or your money back. 

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    Shipped frozen and directly to your door for FREE! Some states do not qualify.

Testimonials from RAW WILD customers

Trustpilot Reviews

My dogs LOVE your food.
Because of it White Wolf, the 6 month old black German Shepherd female on the left, and Timber Wolf, the 3.5 year old mal on the right have absolutely perfect poop, endless energy, gorgeous coats and wonderful, lively personalities.
I could not be happier because they could not be happier!

Finally a raw dog food that is 100% pure. In a industry where ingredients are often overlooked we can't say enough about RAW WILD. They truly care about dogs' health and their product speaks for itself. We highly recommend it!

This food is the best medicine!!! So my baby got sick and had diarrhea from eating some random treat she got from her dog walker (food intolerance). I was so upset. I tried rice water but it didn't work. But after I give her Raw Wild, her stool is back to normal. I am so happy that her GI tract is back to normal and healthy condition. I truly believe that all the dogs should eat raw meat (with bone) for their ultimate healthiness. Just like we human should eat natural and organic food. 

Thank you for producing such a great food for thousand pups in the world!

My dog loves this food and it's a pleasure giving her something I know she likes and is good for her. We recently traveled from Oakland to Santa Fe, New Mexico and RAW WILD Premium made sure to ship the food early so I could take it with us on the trip. It was great to have wet food in a higher elevation where keeping her hydrated is critical. My

dog is 11 years old this year, she and I have traveled from Seattle to South Africa, her health and happiness mean the world to me, especially as she gets older. Thanks so much Raw, you guys rock!

My sincere thanks for
the product you provide. I have noticed a significant improvement in my precious pup’s energy and overall health!

Raw Wild is an excellent high quality product. It arrived fresh as if it had been ground just a short while ago. Most importantly our dogs love it. First we noticed is their increased level of energy and their "poop" has become minimal. It looks like it is all absorbed in their system. We tried various other raw diets. This is the BEST one!

Poop Factor

City people, rejoice! We all want to feed our best friend the best dog food out there, but for some of us, the poop is the deciding factor. If you’ve ever had to deal with large piles of messy, smelly, mushy dog poop at sunrise in Soho or LoDo, you know what we’re talking about. RAW WILD dog food dogs typically expel a little handful of small, firm pellets twice a day.