Can Cats Eat RAW WILD?

Of Course They can!

First, cats are an obligate carnivore, which is the scientific term for saying that they must eat meat. Cats have over 10,000,000 years of being solely a raw meat eater. Click here to learn more about your cat’s biology and ancestry. RAW WILD is the most extraordinary food for your cat on earth, made from 100% wild-grown elk and venison meat raised wild in the Rocky Mountains. We keep things natural and add zero hormones, zero antibiotics, zero grain or gluten, zero preservatives, and zero GMOs. Crave more for your best friend, feed them the diet they were born to eat.

But it says its ‘Dog Food’?!?

Yes, and for a period of time there was also a package that said, “Cat Food”, but the content of the packages was the same, and there seemed little point in making two labels for the same product, so to help keep the costs down we just use the one. But rest assured that RAW WILD Dog Food meets all AAFCO standards for a complete and balanced cat food. Everything your cat needs to be happy and healthy!

Want to give it a try?

Not only will your cat be healthier and happier, but there are benefits for you too.
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• You can take pride and confidence in knowing you are buying a product that is Made in America
• You can take comfort in knowing it contains no chemicals, vitamins, or minerals from China
• We give a 100% money back Guarantee – “If your cat won’t eat it, we will!”
• RAW WILD has hundreds of 5-Star Reviews from happy customers
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