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Two Cats And Two Dogs Love Raw Wild

Dave from Raw Wild reached out to me to share with you how i feed Raw Wild to my cats.  I have 2 cats & 2 dogs on RW, & transitioning both cats to raw food did take some time.  1 was just a kitten & he took to the RW right away, & the other was older & much more skeptical.  I did some research on transitioning from dry to raw & started to add a 1/8-1/4tsp of the raw in the bowl w/ her dry food so she could get use to the smell gradually & just have it there while she was eating the dry food.  For @ 2 1/2 weeks, she wouldn't touch the raw, but ate all the dry.  Eventually, she started to 'sample' it & then eat more & more...when that happened, i started to feed less dry & more RW until it was all RW.  Another trick i learned was to mix catnip in w/ the raw to help them associate the raw smell w/ something they already like.  Both cats now eat RW for both am & pm meals (i feed @ 1/6ish of a lb each meal) w/ a little bit of Young Again kibble at night, only (just to add some crunch/texture diversity & a different mix of vitamins).   I have got to say, both the dogs' & cats' coats have totally transformed on RW-amazingly soft & silky!  We also have way way way less flea issues, itchy skin, & raw patches from licking/itching.  All the critters have great energy, especially my older dog when we started him on RW; he got his puppy energy back & his skin feels like supple, hydrated 'puppy skin'.   

This company is the real deal; excellent customer service, my recurring orders are always on time & all packages are professionally packed, the meat is fresh/high vibe (you can actually smell the quality!), & everything is professional & authentic.  Not many companies have this level of integrity & quality, & i'm so glad i found them, & so glad they exist!  My critters & i have an improved quality of life because of RW, & i hope you consider giving them a try.  

Thanks so much & best of luck, j z

Kimberley and  Billie Jean

Billie Jean is a special PUP....I attached a puppy and now pic.  Think you will enjoy.  I think she likes all rare! She is one healthy dog thanks to Raw Wild! 

Kimberly D.  

You are Amazing!

Love the customer service and love your meat even more.

T. Crystal

My dogs LOVE your food. 

Because of it White Wolf, the 6 month old black German Shepherd  female on the left, and Timber Wolf, the 3.5 year old mal on the right have absolutely perfect poop, endless energy, gorgeous coats and wonderful, lively personalities.
I could not be happier because they could not be happier! - 

Enthusiastically, Rima E Laibow, MD

We Love You Raw Wild

Just a quick note to say we love you Raw Wild. Our poodle Arthur has always been a terrible eater, and he would throw up a few times a week. We've even tried many other raw brands. Your raw elk is doing WONDERS for him. He's put on a few pounds, he's barking less, and he's not vomiting all over the carpet. He looks SO healthy! And we're so surprised by the positive behavior changes too. Thank youuuuu. - L.G. 2019

Greatest Dog Food Ever

We've been feeding our dog Raw Wild since she was 8 weeks old and she's growing fast and strong on it. Even though her puppy coat is shedding and her adult coat is coming in, people are constantly shocked by how incredibly soft her coat still is. The poop is minimal and doesn't smell like it did when she was on kibble. And she LOVES it. I'm never using another dog food, ever.

This Dog Food is Amazing!!

My dog went crazy for Raw Wild. The food actually looks like raw meat instead of the light brown bars that I usually get for my dogs. I will be ordering more.

I'm so Pleased!

Hi guys! Just want to say that I love Raw Wild!! My older dog took to it right away, but the pup took she loves it too!! I see a big difference in their coats, energy levels and all around sense of well being..both dogs are pound pups and the older one has always been skittish..I see a new confidence and he actually "struts" when I put him on a leash!! I'm so pleased and will never go back to can or kibble again!! Thanks for your great product!! Catherine

My pup LOVES Raw Wild

My loving pup Bosco has a healthy calmness about him when I feed him Raw Wild. It is as if his entire little 50 pound being is just saying "thank you".

My dogs loved your product.

My dogs loved your product. And I will be ordering again soon

Strom’s Bouvier des Flanders on Cape Cod

Yesterday we received our new girl pup, Qira. When she ate RAW WILD for the first time, her tail wagged fast and she eagerly ate the whole serving instantly. We are very please with the food quality & customer service. Thank you for making a superior product for our new family member.

Raw & Wild Deer and Elk

Our Australian Shepard adopted rescue love the Raw Wild food. I have no idea what he was eating before, however the shelter sent him home with Science Diet which I really don't like. So I went to the store and purchased some raw ground turkey until I could get him started on a good raw diet. We fed our last Aussie raw as well. I saw you web page and went there and was thrilled that I could get some Venison and Elk raw meat. I ordered it and as soon as Wiggles got through his kennel cough I introduced it to him and he is a happy dog. He is 5 years old the shelter thinks but I think he may be younger or the food has really just made him a happy full of energy wonderful dog. I am so delighted. His coat glows and is silky soft. His use of the food really makes keeping the yard easily cleaned if you know what I mean. We have also given him raw bone and his teeth sparkle now. I hope you get more of a line of food. I will be sure to keep an eye out. You should see him leap in the air and run like the wind when I go out and run and play with him. He is an inside kind of outside dog. He is sweet and so full of energy. He took to our cat who finally had thought that he was the alpha in the house. Didn't think I would get another dog as we are in our 70's and it just hurts so bad when you have to say goodbye to them, but my life is not complete without a dog. My eldest daughter does Aussie rescue and she called me about this one. I didn't think I would be able to get him as 12 other people had called to go see him. By the Grace of God none of them showed up and with prayer as my guide I went to the shelter and brought him home with us. I have bonded and so has my husband. We are going to give him a little training with a positive4 reward based trainer and continue to love him and feed him excellent food. Thank you for being the provider of the excellent raw venison and elk. Sincerely, Linda Henderson

Henrietta loves it

We love Raw Wild and so does Henrietta. Her coat is shinier and she has a lot more energy. We definitely notice a difference since she's. even eating it.

This food is the best medicine!!!

My baby got sick and had diarrhea from eating some random treat she got from her dog walker (food intolerance). I was so upset. I tried rice water but it didn't work. But after I give her Raw Wild, her stool is back to normal. I am so happy that her GI tract is back to normal and healthy condition. I truly believe that all the dogs should eat raw meat (with bone) for their ultimate healthiness. Just like we human should eat natural food. Her hair is glowing and energy is in FULL all the time. People at dog park ask me how she is so energetic and glowing like a black pearl! She is still a baby and growing up. I am so glad that I can give her the best nutrition to build up her bones and muscle. Thank you for producing such a great food for thousand pups in the world!

Great food, great service!

My dog loves this food and it's a pleasure giving her something I know she likes and is good for her. We recently traveled from Oakland to Santa Fe, New Mexico and RAW WILD Premium made sure to ship the food early so I could take it with us on the trip. It was great to have wet food in a higher elevation where keeping her hydrated is critical. My dog is 11 years old this year, she and I have traveled from Seattle to South Africa, her health and happiness mean the world to me, especially as she gets older. Thanks so much Raw, you guys rock!

High Quality

At first my wife and I we weren't sure about feeding our dog raw dog food but this is the real deal. He loves every bite, has more energy, and poops less. bonus! If you're looking for raw dog food, this is the best we've found.

Excellent Food Compared three highly rated products

My two Yorkies love this food. I can’t believe how they like the bowl clean. They really enjoy this food.

Compared three highly rated products

Jesse, my standard poodle pup choose this as #1. She loves it.Thank you.

the best!!

My dogs love it and are thriving!! Thanks you Raw Wild!!

I am Amazed

My dogs have long eaten Darwin’s and I am amazed how much more they seem to like your food. That’s why we upped the order. Daryl

Happy Eater

Jesse loves this food. We tried three raw diets and this was Jesse's (standard poodle) favorite.

First Try

My dog loved the first day, ate it super fast. Just hoped there'd be some bones or chunks for her to try. I did order a two week meal plan, and best part of your plans, no veggies! She hates vegetables, perfect for my dog though she's super picky. Your raw food is the best we've tried. We'll stick with raw wild for sure. Well worth it!

Dogs Love It!

Great product! Dogs love it. Would happily recommend it to all.

RAW WILD has shown up!

Raw Wild has shown up when promised and my dogs love it!

Such good food!

Thanks for making such good food for my pup baby. She is so shiny and energetic.

Two months into our Raw Wild experience we are astounded by Gertrude’s coat, soft and without dandruff. She has even gained 5 pounds, all muscle…

My German Shepherd Rescue (GSR) was a healthy little girl, it was the spring of her second year when we noticed severe weight loss.  We were on a road trip from Park City, UT to Santa Fe New Mexico and Colorado.  We didn’t know anything about “exocrine pancreatic insufficiency” (EPI) at the time, so when we noticed that her poops were like cow patties, oily, and super smelly we decided to change her food to another even more expensive kibble. We honestly didn’t think we could get more expensive Kibble, but we found it… We try our best to take really good care of both of our GSR pups as they are our kids, always with us, even when we travel.  By the time we got back home a week later Gertrude had lost enough weight for us to really worry, it didn’t matter how much we fed her, the only change was the size of her poops, still oily and smelly.  We took her to our awesome local vet ,Kate @ Powder Paws, and after a few tests she determined Gertrude had EPI.  Not knowing much about it we scoured the internet for more information so we could better help our little girl. 

For those who know about EPI it is a constant trial and error.  Once you find a food or pancreatic powder supplement or  anything else that works and your dog becomes normalized and hopefully gaining weight, something changes and they start losing weight again.  The poops are honestly the best way to determine how well they are taking in nutrients out of their food.  Shape, color, hard vs soft, and smell… We immediately started on a Pancreatic Enzyme Powder from an online source which didn’t require a prescription, this worked better than straight up kibble.  We tried others and finally for the last year and a half have been consistent on VEDCO PancreVed Powder.  Just a scoop and a half, incubate under warm water for 20 min and voila! Gertrude’s food is ready. 

So this was what we have been doing for a while since she was 1, she is now 4 years old. It’s not difficult and has been keeping Gertrude steady; not really gaining weight, but maintaining weight.  Since the dogs are with me 24/7, as I can take them to work with me every day, I get people asking me constantly why Gertrude is so skinny.  I obviously feed them because our other GSR, Loki, is just a bit chubby these days… It looks like he might be stealing her food, but Gertrude would never allow that she is way too feisty.

Gertrude has been maintaining weight, but still looked skinny and sometimes frail, which believe me she is not at all frail… In her head she is a tank.  Launching herself off of the dock at the lake, completely submerging before popping up to go after her ball.  She charges after her Frisbee in the snow, she bullies, like a little  sister should,  her  much bigger brother Loki… She’s tough.

She had great muscle tone but still her ribs would show through and her backbone and hips were very pronounced.  She also had wiry coarse fur with some dandruff.  Still scarfing down her kibble with Pancreatic Powder and occasionally would get into her bucket of food ( she literally twisted off the top of the plastic Orange Home Depot bucket we keep their food in) or something else in the kitchen if we left her alone, which then would create a total mess because anything in her system without the powder would come out totally disgustingly smelly and messy.

Even though we were maintaining a base line status quo we knew we needed to do more for her.  Raw food was definitely an option, but with all of the choices and frankly the cost we didn’t have a clue.  A friend of mine here in Park City suggested I try a local brand called Raw Wild.  Made from Wild Elk and Deer meat from the Rocky Mountains; we knew at least where it came from and was somewhat local.  Our friends dogs were super healthy and happy and their coats/muscle tone, and energy was amazing.  They didn’t have EPI however and so my curiosity got to me.  Would Raw Wild make a difference in Gertrude’s health? She’s our little girl so we decided we needed to give it a shot!  We first started Gertie on ¼ pound morning and night with Kibble and her powder, after a month we gradually got her to a full pound a day with some kibble and powder.  Now two months into our Raw Wild experience we are astounded by Gertrude’s coat, soft and without dander.  Although she is still our skinny little girl her muscles have grown she looks like a little tank instead of just acting like one.  Her ribs still show as do her hip bones, but definitely not as much.  She has even gained 5 pounds, all muscle… She does btw get a ton of exercise every day.  Hikes and biking and running after Frisbees and balls, it is constant, she is relentless!  Her brother is more of a daisy picker and likes to play with butterflies while in the outfield, so he remains chubby.  With that said we have noticed such a profound change in Gertrude’s health, visually, we are starting to put Loki on a Raw Wild diet. He deserves it!  We had two bigger GSR’s who passed away a few years ago. They were 14 and 15 years old and lived awesome healthy lives… We are shooting for 19 to 20 years for Gertrude and Loki.  I think we can achieve it with the new diet we are choosing to feed them.

Btw, and if you are still reading this, our German Shepherds, Loki and Gertrude, are from an amazing GS Rescue out of Southern California; German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County This organization saves vulnerable German Shepherds and place upwards of 500 GS a year to great homes throughout southern CA.


Happy Dog

My dog loves his raw wild food, and it’s good for him!