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RAW WILD is the most extraordinary raw dog food in the world made from 100% wild elk and wild deer meat. Deep in the Colorado Rockies, among aspen groves and pine forests, deer and elk forage their entire lives, drinking from snowpack-filled springs, while surviving the elements of their high alpine environment. This is our source. More than a maker of dog food we consider ourselves producers of a higher-grade. We started Raw Wild because we believe there’s a vast difference between manufactured chow and small batch nourishment. We aren’t just dog lovers We are unconditional lovers of the environment. Who crave quality over quantity and seek a healthier path for our pets. That’s why we keep things au-naturel And add zero hormones, zero antibiotics, zero fillers, zero preservatives, and zero GMOs. Our food is born and raised in the wild, not fed by hand. We sweat these details because our dogs are more than our best friends. They are members of the family. We could go on and on about how our product differs from the next. But at the end of the day our food is created for those who demand a higher quality. We designed our product to enhance the uncommon bond we share with our furry friends. From early morning jaunts, to exploring city streets, and finding joy in life’s simple pleasures, we’ve concocted a raw diet to meet their special needs. Ask any dog owner what they care about most for their pet and their answer is health and happiness. That’s why we exist. Raw Wild isn’t just a company or a brand to us, it’s a way we choose to live, and we want to share our appetite for life with you. Product features include: 99.6% elk and venison meat .4% vitamins and minerals zero hormones, zero antibiotics, zero fillers, zero grains, zero preservatives, and zero GMOs.

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