Why No Organ Meat

We do not put organ meat in Raw Wild because the organs from our wild elk and deer are either taken by the hunter or left in the field when the animals are field dressed in preparation for transportation to be processed.  We looked at using organs from commercially raised and slaughtered animals but decided not to because we felt it would compromise the purity and quality of Raw Wild Dog Food in that it would introduce exposure to GMOs, hormones, antibiotics, pesticide, herbicides and slaughterhouse related diseases like E.coli, salmonella and listeria.  We have an 85/15% wild elk and deer meat to ground bone mixture, using the big elk leg bones to get the most marrow.  We sent that mixture to a pet nutrition lab for an exhaustive nutritional analysis.  We then sent those results to our consultant who has a PhD in pet nutrition and over 30 years’ experience.  He formulated a premix of vitamins and minerals (all from either the USA or Switzerland) that we add to make Raw Wild Dog Food a complete and balanced food for all life stages.  We add 1.2 pounds of the premix to every 200-pound batch of Raw Wild that we make.  That means Raw Wild is 99.4% wild elk and deer meat and bone and  .6% added vitamins and minerals.  Many people choose to use the organ meat from commercially raised and slaughterhouse processed animals but we and our customers choose not to. 

If you have any comments we are always open to hear them.


The Raw Wild Team