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What's in your dog's bowl?

Filling up your dog's bowl shouldn't fill you with doubt. Just as reading the ingredients on the bag of food shouldn't make you confused. The shortlist of pronounceable and environmentally sustainable ingredients is only one of the many reasons that I love a raw dog food diet.

Discover the Benefits of Raw Dog Food Delivered Straight To Your Door

Nothing is more exciting than seeing my dog lick his bowl clean as he devours his RAW WILD dog food. In addition to his happy grin, there are several benefits of RAW WILD dog food.

#1. It's Natural / Organic.
It has no fillers, corn, rice, grains, or animal byproducts. The only additions are vitamins and minerals that make it complete and balanced to keep my dog healthy and feeling like an energetic pup.

#2. It's Healthy.
I feel better knowing that my dog is eating a healthy diet. I rest easy knowing that my dog is getting the nutrition he needs to live his best healthiest life.

#3. It's Drug-free.
The good news is that RAW WILD is all-natural, which means that it is also drug-free. There are no growth hormones, no preservatives, and no antibiotics, and no meats from farm animals fed with GMO grains and corn.

#4. It's Environmentally Friendly.
In an age where plastic is filling our oceans and landfills are leaking chemicals into our groundwater, I try to do my best to support the environment. As a family-owned, American made dog food company, RAW WILD supports sustainably harvest meat from wild elk and deer, and never sources from slaughterhouse animals.

#5. It Helps Relieve Dog Allergies.
When my dog ate grains, he instantly started scratching his sides, under his chin, and along his belly. As soon as I removed grain from his diet, his allergies were immediately resolved. From alleviating skin allergies to improving digestion, RAW WILD delivers countless benefits throughout the year.

#6. It Helps Avoid Common Dog Maladies.
Incredibly, what we consume can cause numerous common maladies. This science can also be applied to our pets. By consuming a raw dog food diet, various common dog maladies can be avoided.

#7. It Creates Less Dog Poop.
Did you know that dogs who eat RAW WILD poop less? As someone who cringes every time I use a plastic bag to pick up my dog's poop, I have to say that fewer poops not only make walks more enjoyable but means that I use fewer plastic bags throughout the day.

#8. Longer Life Span.
Like any dog owner, I do my best to ensure that my dog eats right, so that he can live a longer and happier life. RAW WILD doesn't have harmful pesticides, GMOs, growth hormones, or antibiotics; which means that dogs can live longer and healthier lives.

#9. It Helps Dogs Be Happier And More Energetic.
When my dog eats right, he is happier and more energetic. With natural and organic ingredients, RAW WILD is a nutritious dog food that helps dogs remain active throughout the day.

#10. It Can Be Ordered Online.
My dog and I live a very active lifestyle. Our busy lifestyle means that having dog food delivered to my door is a true blessing. With recurring monthly orders, RAW WILD makes online ordering and in-home deliveries even easier.

Subscription Dog Food Delivered at The Perfect Time

To make your life easier, Raw Wild offers a recurring auto-ship subscription plan. When you place an order following Raw Wild's Terms of Service, you can choose to receive a recurring auto-ship at the quantity you want and at a time interval, you specify. To help you remember, we will send you a reminder by email three days before the scheduled credit card charge and auto-ship. You always have the option of logging into your Raw Wild online account at a to skip a shipment or modify your auto-ship as your needs change. You can cancel your auto-ship by calling us at 844-RAW-WILD.

Start your dog on a healthy path with Raw Wild dog food

Starting your dog on a healthy path means choosing the right food, steering away from the standard kibble and chemical-infused raw dog food.  Instead, go Raw Wild. 

What Makes Raw Wild Dog Food Special

The advantages of a raw dog food diet aren't anything new.  After all, that's how all dogs evolved over the last 55 million years, eating raw and wild foods that are found in nature -- not highly processed foods generated in a factory.  Even if your dog isn't eating the kibble made in a factory, most other raw dog foods aside from Raw Wild, contain some unappetizing -- and potentially harmful -- ingredients like antibiotics, corn, growth hormones, animal byproducts, preservatives, grains, fillers, rice and potentially 4D meats. 

  • Feed only Raw Wild and you'll be giving your dog 99.4% organic wild venison and elk and 0.6% vitamins and minerals. 

No Allergens

It should come as no surprise that dogs, like humans, are facing more allergens and having reactions to an ever-increasing list of allergy-inducing substances.  Even if your dog has never shown signs of having an allergy to a particular substance previously, a reaction can still occur at any time.  For example, the presence of GMO modified foods exposes your dog to compounds that are so far removed from nature that his body can't effectively process them.  Virtually all raw dog foods are made from farm-raised animals.  That means animals crammed into such tight quarters they must be given antibiotics regularly, and feed grains and corn sprayed with insecticides and fertilizers and herbicides, instead of eating wild grass off of a mountainside.

  • Raw Wild is free of all allergens, is feed on wild organic grasses and plucked from nature -- much like the diet your dog would have naturally gravitated to in the wild. 

Healthier Dog

While addressing known allergens or preventing the onset of potential allergies are compelling reasons to feed Raw Wild, the benefits of a raw dog food diet go far beyond allergens.  Because Raw Wild is the kind of natural, raw and organic meat your dog would eat in the wild, his or her body is designed to effectively and efficiently digest it.  From improved digestion, weight control, and a shinier coat, to increased energy and longer life, Raw Wild Dog Food provides everything your dog's body needs to flourish. 

  • Raw Wild is as close as your dog's diet can ever get to a truly wild, organic, and natural food source. 



Mrs. J. Moore | RAW WILD Raw Dog Food Testimonial

Mrs. J. Moore | RAW WILD Raw Dog Food Testimonial

RAW WILD raw dog food customer testimonial.

Raw Dog Food Testimonial

When we ask our customers why they feed their dogs a raw dog food diet we get a variety of answers but most importantly, they believe RAW WILD is a complete and balanced diet. We couldn't agree more. Below is a short and sweet testimonial from one of our most loyal customers. She feeds all three of German Shepherds our raw dog food.  


"I feed my dogs Raw Wild as an addition to their regular raw diet; they love it!  I like that it is all meat and balanced and complete, and very convenient.  Other raw meals I have looked at contain vegetables, and one of my dogs is allergic to sweet potatoes, carrots and green beans--veggies that are nearly always included. I recommend Raw Wild to all of my friends.  Try it - your dog will love it, too! 

- Mrs. J. Moore