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Why Feed Wild Game to Your Dog?

       What is your pup, but a half-step from a wolf!  For the last 55 Million years your dog’s ancestors have thrived on a wild meat diet.  Meat, not carrots or beets or corn or grains – but red, raw meat.  You might hear all kinds of different and confusing stories about what to feed and why, but simply look at your dog’s teeth for the answer.  You have even, straight teeth all the way around, with nice flat molars in the back (just like a cow), for grinding up plant matter. 

The 4 Deadliest Things In Dog Foods

We watch out for our pups like we do our own kids.  We make certain they don’t run out into the street.  We keep them from fighting and stop them when they pick up some disgusting thing off the ground to eat.  But your dog faces a danger every day that you probably don’t know about.  Most commercial dog foods contain horrible, harmful things for your dog, and are likely slowly killing your dog.  How can that be, you ask, when you’re buying a well-know, brand name, dog food in my favorite grocery store?  Because there is no real governmental regulation on dog food.