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Raw Dog Food Testimonial - German Shepherd Rescue with EPI

My German Shepherd Rescue (GSR) was a healthy little girl, it was the spring of her second year when we noticed severe weight loss.  We were on a road trip from Park City, UT to Santa Fe New Mexico and Colorado.  We didn’t know anything about “exocrine pancreatic insufficiency” (EPI) at the time, so when we noticed that her poops were like cow patties, oily, and super smelly we decided to change her food to another even more expensive kibble. We honestly didn’t think we could get more expensive Kibble, but we found it… We try our best to take really good care of both of our GSR pups as they are our kids, always with us, even when we travel.  By the time we got back home a week later Gertrude had lost enough weight for us to really worry, it didn’t matter how much we fed her, the only change was the size of her poops, still oily and smelly.  We took her to our awesome local vet ,Kate @ Powder Paws, and after a few tests she determined Gertrude had EPI.  Not knowing much about it we scoured the internet for more information so we could better help our little girl. 

For those who know about EPI it is a constant trial and error.  Once you find a food or pancreatic powder supplement or  anything else that works and your dog becomes normalized and hopefully gaining weight, something changes and they start losing weight again.  The poops are honestly the best way to determine how well they are taking in nutrients out of their food.  Shape, color, hard vs soft, and smell… We immediately started on a Pancreatic Enzyme Powder from an online source which didn’t require a prescription, this worked better than straight up kibble.  We tried others and finally for the last year and a half have been consistent on VEDCO PancreVed Powder.  Just a scoop and a half, incubate under warm water for 20 min and voila! Gertrude’s food is ready. 

So this was what we have been doing for a while since she was 1, she is now 4 years old. It’s not difficult and has been keeping Gertrude steady; not really gaining weight, but maintaining weight.  Since the dogs are with me 24/7, as I can take them to work with me every day, I get people asking me constantly why Gertrude is so skinny.  I obviously feed them because our other GSR, Loki, is just a bit chubby these days… It looks like he might be stealing her food, but Gertrude would never allow that she is way too feisty.

Gertrude has been maintaining weight, but still looked skinny and sometimes frail, which believe me she is not at all frail… In her head she is a tank.  Launching herself off of the dock at the lake, completely submerging before popping up to go after her ball.  She charges after her Frisbee in the snow, she bullies, like a little  sister should,  her  much bigger brother Loki… She’s tough.

She had great muscle tone but still her ribs would show through and her backbone and hips were very pronounced.  She also had wiry coarse fur with some dandruff.  Still scarfing down her kibble with Pancreatic Powder and occasionally would get into her bucket of food ( she literally twisted off the top of the plastic Orange Home Depot bucket we keep their food in) or something else in the kitchen if we left her alone, which then would create a total mess because anything in her system without the powder would come out totally disgustingly smelly and messy.

Even though we were maintaining a base line status quo we knew we needed to do more for her.  Raw food was definitely an option, but with all of the choices and frankly the cost we didn’t have a clue.  A friend of mine here in Park City suggested I try a local brand called Raw Wild.  Made from Wild Elk and Deer meat from the Rocky Mountains; we knew at least where it came from and was somewhat local.  Our friends dogs were super healthy and happy and their coats/muscle tone, and energy was amazing.  They didn’t have EPI however and so my curiosity got to me.  Would Raw Wild make a difference in Gertrude’s health? She’s our little girl so we decided we needed to give it a shot!  We first started Gertie on ¼ pound morning and night with Kibble and her powder, after a month we gradually got her to a full pound a day with some kibble and powder.  Now two months into our Raw Wild experience we are astounded by Gertrude’s coat, soft and without dander.  Although she is still our skinny little girl her muscles have grown she looks like a little tank instead of just acting like one.  Her ribs still show as do her hip bones, but definitely not as much.  She has even gained 5 pounds, all muscle… She does btw get a ton of exercise every day.  Hikes and biking and running after Frisbees and balls, it is constant, she is relentless!  Her brother is more of a daisy picker and likes to play with butterflies while in the outfield, so he remains chubby.  With that said we have noticed such a profound change in Gertrude’s health, visually, we are starting to put Loki on a Raw Wild diet. He deserves it!  We had two bigger GSR’s who passed away a few years ago. They were 14 and 15 years old and lived awesome healthy  lives… We are shooting for 19 to 20 years for Gertrude and Loki.  I think we can achieve it with the new diet we are choosing to feed them.

Btw, and if you are still reading this, our German Shepherds, Loki and Gertrude, are from an amazing GS Rescue out of Southern California; German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County

www.GSROC.com This organization saves vulnerable German Shepherds and place upwards of 500 GS a year to great homes throughout southern CA.

Compare RAW WILD raw dog food to other brands

Raw Wild – 100% wild game – NOT Farm or Ranch Raised

Raw Wild is made from 100% wild deer and elk.  It is that simple, and that healthy.  That is as organic and as natural as you can get! 

How does that compare to other ‘meat’ dog foods?  Well I hope you haven’t eaten lunch yet; hold on and here we go.  Shockingly, your pet’s dog food is not regulated by the government.  It is the Wild West out there with no real control in what is said or what is put into that can of dog food.  Really the only regulatory body is the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), which is a voluntary membership of some government agencies.  AAFCO sets voluntary standards (for example, the percentage of protein in a dog food), which a company must hit to say they meet the AAFCO standards.  Many don’t care if they even hit those standards or not, but for those who do the waste from slaughterhouses for human consumption is as good as it gets.  These are farm/ranch raised animals, pumped full of steroids to force growth (and increase profits), and antibiotics to address the disgusting conditions in which they are raised.  They are fed the cheapest food to fatten them up (generally corn), which are GMO plants soaked in pesticides.  That is ‘best-case’.  

More commonly, to hit the protein percentages dog food companies use the cheapest source of protein they can find.  Dog food companies don’t want to admit using old restaurant grease, and animals which were condemned and rejected at slaughterhouses, slaughterhouse waste, road kill, euthanized cats and dogs from animal shelters and vets, dead animals from farmers, zoo animals, rats, mice, horses, spoiled grocery store meats, and trimmings butchers saw as unfit to sell, etc.  So instead, on your dog’s food can the packaging will likely say, ‘meat protein’ or just ‘protein’ or, ‘meat’, or ‘animal’, or ‘poultry’, to avoid describing what is in there.   

But in the dog food industry this practice is so common that the industry has a name for it – “4D”.  That stands for animals brought in for meat processing that are: Dead; Dying; Disabled; or, Diseased.  These are animals found dead in a field or along the side of the road (did you ever wonder where that road-kill raccoon you saw by the road last week ended up?)  These are other people’s pets that died or were put down at the vet or a shelter.  These are animals that are either too sick to stand on their own, or injured beyond recovery, that are brought in anyway for meat processing.  Gross!  We could go on, and be even more graphic, but you get the point.  There is nothing organic or natural about that.  And while they claim that boiling the protein sludge removes all diseases, it certainly does not breakdown all the drugs, including those used for euthanizing! 

So don’t be fooled by slick marketing, look at the ingredients on your pet’s food.  You can feed your fur baby that scary stuff, or feed them natural, organic, wild deer and wild elk.  No hormones, no antibiotics, no 4D, no GMO foods, just organic, wild, free animals, taken by hunters for their own consumption.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

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