Our Story

Family Owned, American Made 

More than a maker of dog food we consider ourselves producers of a higher-grade. We started Raw Wild because we believe there’s a vast difference between manufactured chow and small batch nourishment, hand-packed by us. Ask any dog owner what they care about most for their pet and their answer is health and happiness. That's why we exist. 

For All Walks of Life

We designed RAW WILD to enhance the uncommon bond we share with our dogs. From early morning jaunts, to exploring city streets, and finding joy in life’s simple pleasures, we’ve produced a complete raw dog food diet to meet their special needs. RAW WILD is nothing but raw elk and venison meat with a mixture of essential vitamins and minerals making our dog food the most extraordinary in the world. 

Our Source

Deep in the rocky mountain west, among aspen groves and pine forests, elk and deer forage their entire lives grazing on wild plants and grasses, drinking from snowpack-filled springs, while surviving the elements of their high alpine environment. This is RAW WILD's source.


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RAW WILD Raw Dog Food is 99.4% wild elk and deer.  There are no organs since they are left in the field when the hunter field dresses the animal.  We elected to not add organ meat from domestically raised animals since we feel that would possibly contaminate our completely wild food with organs (particularly the liver) that concentrate mycotoxins, pesticides and other contaminants from food fed to domestically raised animals.  In addition, we elected not to adulterate our product with organs that are processed in a commercial slaughterhouse because of the likelihood of bacterial contamination.  

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