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The Schirf's - Moab

The Schirf's - Moab

So we have been on the road now for around 5 months and while we have been all over the western US and seen some amazing places we couldn’t wait to get back to the Utah desert. Currently we are in Moab, one of our favorite places in the world. The dogs aren’t the only ones eating well here. There are a lot of great restaurants, our favorite of which is definitely the Moab Brewery. 

Moab has so much for us and the pups to do we rarely have trouble filling our days. We spend most of our time either mountain biking or rock climbing, a lot of times we do both. On biking days sometimes we will do a little lap with the dogs and then one of us will stay with them at the van while we take turns going on longer rides. On climbing days we all just hang out at the bottom of the climbs. We have been here for about a week going back and forth biking in Moab and climbing in Indian Creek. We will be here for another week or so and then its off to Zion for a bit.


"The Schirf's are on a 1 year road trip around the Western US and Canada. They living out of a Sprinter Van with their two dogs, mountain bikes, climbing gear and photography gear. Their dogs both eat RAW WILD and have experienced great health benefits from eating raw dog food."

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