7 reasons why RAW WILD raw dog food is good for your dog

1. For a Happy Dog 

A dog truly eating well is so much happier, and loves you so much more. RAW WILD raw dog food can help alleviate allergies, give your dog more energy, a dog a shinier coat, and improve digestion.  Why not feed your best friend the best?  Learn more about RAW WILD's raw dog food diet.

2. For a Healthy Dog

All protein, all wild-grown, all natural, balanced nutrition and all WILD; what more could you feed your dog? RAW WILD raw dog food has No Growth Hormones, No Antibiotics, No Preservatives, No Fillers, Corn, Grains or Rice, and No Animal Byproducts. We only add vitamins and minerals to make RAW WILD a full balanced nutrition for your dog. See the list of RAW WILD ingredients.


3. For a Longer Life

If my pup’s body doesn’t have to fight the ill-effects of antibiotics, pesticides, GMOs, growth hormones and slaughterhouse scrap, it can spend that energy on a long and healthy life. You are what you eat, same goes for your best friend. Feeding your pup RAW WILD's raw dog food diet can prolong their life and give you more time together. Be sure to do plenty of research on what raw dog food is best for your dog. We compared some of the top raw dog food brands to help you make the best decision.  See our Raw dog food comparison.


4. For Less Mess to Clean Up

Dogs that eat RAW WILD poop less, which means there's less mess to clean up. Some poops are even small enough that birds take them away.  Anything left is small, hard and odorless. City people rejoice! Learn more about RAW WILD's poop factor.


5. For a Healthier Smile

Don't get pet fooled. With no real regulation of the pet food industry, and knowing RAW WILD's raw dog food is all natural, all wild-grown, and what a dog’s biological makeup demands, it is the obvious choice. Transparency is the best policy, not only do we share where our raw dog food comes from, we give you a full list of our ingredients. Our product is also guaranteed fresh. 

6. For a More Responsible Diet

We are Family Owned, American Made, and our source is wild game from the Rocky Mountain West. RAW WILD dog food does nothing to support Chinese imports of unregulated products.  It does nothing to increase the suffering of slaughterhouse animals.  It protects dogs from 4D proteins, and it uses sustainably harvested meat from wild animals Elk and Deer. This is our story

 7. For a Better Pet Experience

Feel better about buying a product that costs me less each day than a Starbucks latte, but that makes my dog happier, healthier, live longer, and have fewer health problems. Feel better about a product that is guaranteed and delivered fresh to my doorstep. Feel better about feeding my dog the very best.