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How much raw food does my dog need?

An easy rule of thumb with determining the correct amount to feed your adult dog is 3% of its body weight daily. Puppies, seniors, and lactating dogs may require different amounts. Nursing or pregnant dogs may require as much as 3 times more. Other factors like activity levels, breed, environment, and state of health may affect the appropriate feeding amounts. We always recommend that you discuss your dog’s specific situation with your veterinarian. If you would like to learn more about raw dog food and how much you should feed your dog, we recommend the reading this raw feeding article by Primal Pooch

How often should my raw dog food be delivered?

We recommend delivering larger quantities every 4-6 weeks so you can save money on shipping. Get FREE UPS Ground shipping on all monthly recurring orders (Zones 2-7). We recommend buying in the 48lb pack size to lower your cost. If you don't have room in your freezer we recommend choosing every 2-3 weeks. If you're traveling or need to update your delivery schedule for any reason, you can always make a change by logging into your account here.

Tips to smooth out the transition to Raw Wild Dog Food.

There are a couple of ways to do it.
1. Just go “cold turkey” and switch. Most dogs dive right in and love Raw Wild.
2. If your pup is hesitant or not interested, try a couple of more things: (i) have your pup fast for a day, giving them lots of love and usual activity and feed them the Raw Wild at their normal feeding time: (ii)make sure it is at room temperature or higher. You can just toss the whole unopened package in a bowl with hot water and let it sit for 10-15 minutes to warm up (some of our customers actually heat it up in a frying pan – but don’t cook it, that defeats the whole of raw meat); or, (iii) you can pour a little olive oil or other vegetable oil or bone broth over the dog food.
3. You can gradually transition between the old food and Raw Wild by introducing a little Raw Wild into your pup’s bowl and gradually increasing the ratio of Raw Wild to old food over several days. It helps to make sure the Raw Wild Dog Food is warm in this situation also and you can pour a little olive oil on as well.
Usually once a dog starts on Raw Wild they love it and are very happy with their new healthy diet. You will appreciate the home delivery and improvements in your pup’s shiny coat, clear skin and general well-being, not to mention fewer vet bills over the years.


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