Welcome to Amazing Raw Dog Food


Hey, it’s Dr. Falconer. 

Likely by now you’ve heard of the amazing health that comes from feeding your dog a balanced raw diet. Smart owners have been doing this for decades now, and the differences in coat, breath, energy and shiny teeth and eyes make the benefits of this choice quickly apparent.

For folks who don’t care to start from scratch and completely make their own raw food, I wholeheartedly recommend RAW WILD. If you look at the choices available for raw dog food, this wild sourced meat based food stands head and shoulders above the competition. Seriously clean and healthy and the purest diet you could feed your dog.

It doesn’t get any easier than this, for all raw, truly healthy prey-like food. These fine folks send you Raw Wild direct to your door so fresh and solid, you can be assured it never did the repeated freeze/thaw/refreeze cycle that commercial raw foods can go through on their way to your pet’s dish.

Dave Sabey, a hunter himself, realized what a huge resource wild elk and venison was for dogs. Hunters know there is no better meat than that of wild grazing animals who are drinking from mountain streams.

Wild sourced meat means no GMOs, no hormones, no antibiotics, grains, or preservatives.

And if your dog is itching and scratching and allergic to a shopping list of proteins? You can bet elk and venison are better than anything to help that wildly over reactive immune system to find a balance once more.