Mrs. J. Moore | RAW WILD Raw Dog Food Testimonial

Mrs. J. Moore | RAW WILD Raw Dog Food Testimonial

RAW WILD raw dog food customer testimonial.

Raw Dog Food Testimonial

When we ask our customers why they feed their dogs a raw dog food diet we get a variety of answers but most importantly, they believe RAW WILD is a complete and balanced diet. We couldn't agree more. Below is a short and sweet testimonial from one of our most loyal customers. She feeds all three of German Shepherds our raw dog food.  


"I feed my dogs Raw Wild as an addition to their regular raw diet; they love it!  I like that it is all meat and balanced and complete, and very convenient.  Other raw meals I have looked at contain vegetables, and one of my dogs is allergic to sweet potatoes, carrots and green beans--veggies that are nearly always included. I recommend Raw Wild to all of my friends.  Try it - your dog will love it, too! 

- Mrs. J. Moore



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