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Raw Wild – 100% wild game – NOT Farm or Ranch Raised

Raw Wild is made from 100% wild deer and elk.  It is that simple, and that healthy.  That is as organic and as natural as you can get! 

How does that compare to other ‘meat’ dog foods?  Well I hope you haven’t eaten lunch yet; hold on and here we go.  Shockingly, your pet’s dog food is not regulated by the government.  It is the Wild West out there with no real control in what is said or what is put into that can of dog food.  Really the only regulatory body is the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), which is a voluntary membership of some government agencies.  AAFCO sets voluntary standards (for example, the percentage of protein in a dog food), which a company must hit to say they meet the AAFCO standards.  Many don’t care if they even hit those standards or not, but for those who do the waste from slaughterhouses for human consumption is as good as it gets.  These are farm/ranch raised animals, pumped full of steroids to force growth (and increase profits), and antibiotics to address the disgusting conditions in which they are raised.  They are fed the cheapest food to fatten them up (generally corn), which are GMO plants soaked in pesticides.  That is ‘best-case’.  

More commonly, to hit the protein percentages dog food companies use the cheapest source of protein they can find.  Dog food companies don’t want to admit using old restaurant grease, and animals which were condemned and rejected at slaughterhouses, slaughterhouse waste, road kill, euthanized cats and dogs from animal shelters and vets, dead animals from farmers, zoo animals, rats, mice, horses, spoiled grocery store meats, and trimmings butchers saw as unfit to sell, etc.  So instead, on your dog’s food can the packaging will likely say, ‘meat protein’ or just ‘protein’ or, ‘meat’, or ‘animal’, or ‘poultry’, to avoid describing what is in there.   

But in the dog food industry this practice is so common that the industry has a name for it – “4D”.  That stands for animals brought in for meat processing that are: Dead; Dying; Disabled; or, Diseased.  These are animals found dead in a field or along the side of the road (did you ever wonder where that road-kill raccoon you saw by the road last week ended up?)  These are other people’s pets that died or were put down at the vet or a shelter.  These are animals that are either too sick to stand on their own, or injured beyond recovery, that are brought in anyway for meat processing.  Gross!  We could go on, and be even more graphic, but you get the point.  There is nothing organic or natural about that.  And while they claim that boiling the protein sludge removes all diseases, it certainly does not breakdown all the drugs, including those used for euthanizing! 

So don’t be fooled by slick marketing, look at the ingredients on your pet’s food.  You can feed your fur baby that scary stuff, or feed them natural, organic, wild deer and wild elk.  No hormones, no antibiotics, no 4D, no GMO foods, just organic, wild, free animals, taken by hunters for their own consumption.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

Jabu Dayton | RAW WILD Customer Testimonial

Tell us the story behind how you found Biscuits Jackson?

My family is a dog family. I grew up with dogs, always adored them and when I turned 36, I decided it was time for me to get my own dog. We have been on so many great adventures together! Recently we moved from Oakland to Santa Fe, New Mexico!

When I moved to South Africa in 2009, you better believe she came with me! In South Africa she was with me for dangerous road trips that I was warned against and she stayed by my side during the day. Car-jackings and home invasions common where I was living, she saved my life more than once. When I was starting a company there called “Dolce Dogs,” one that did cage free boarding and grooming, she was with me.

When I came back to US - with no money left and not sure how I was going to make it, I got hired at a tiny, unknown start up called “Airbnb,” she came with me! She was the first dog working at Airbnb :) and because of her, Airbnb remains a dog friendly company! 

What breed is your dog and how did you pick your dog's name?

She’s a German Shepherd/Labrador mix. I looked in shelters for 2 years before I found Biscuits Jackson - they called her Cyprus at the shelter but she was so full of personality and life - plus she liked her biscuits - that I changed her name immediately. I picked her because she was so focused on me at the shelter, she grabbed my feet with both of her paws thru the bars! The shelter tried to talk me out of adopting her saying I was single and couldn’t take care of her - I changed my life to make sure she had the best of everything and not stuck at home by herself all day long.

Why did you choose a Raw Diet for Biscuits Jackson and what problems did RAW WILD solve for her? 

Biscuits is 11 years old now, she is experiencing joint pain when we hike too far and sleeps more than she used to. Since I started feeding her Raw Wild, she is happy and spry, acting like a puppy again! Plus, I wanted to make sure she had the best dog food on the market and felt like the additional expense was worth it. After all of the research I did, I chose Raw Wild. I used to cook her meals myself but it was tough to get the minerals and quantities right and she got quite chubby! I bought her the best dry food but always felt like raw diets made more sense.

Tell us a funny story about your dog. Something they did, still do, or something that makes you love them so much? 

Biscuits Jackson loves her Raw Wild so much, she paws my bed to wake me up at 4 am to feed her! I’ve given up trying to sleep in and changed my schedule now so I wake up then, feed her, meditate and then we hit the hiking trail! 

What advice would you give other dog owners about switching to a Raw diet with RAW WILD?

I did the switch gradually, mixing her dried with Raw Wild and then giving her more and more until finally, she was only eating Raw Wild. I recommend doing this slowly so as not to upset their tummies.

What makes your dog a special character or what special characteristics does your dog have?

Biscuits Jackson is a loving dog who has converted many a person scared of dogs. She will paw you if you stop petting her and has people all well trained to take care of her. She is a great road trip buddy and always up for an adventure!

How has your dog changed your life or what impact has your dog made in your life or your family’s life?

My father died in an accident in 2008. The same month he died, I was fired from a job I’d had for 13 years. To say it was a difficult time for me or that I felt alone in the world would be a huge understatement. Taking care of Biscuits Jackson saved me and gave me the grace to get through it.
She and I would go for long runs in the rain, snow and heat. When I cried, she would comfort me. She demanded lots of attention and play time - she was only 3 years old at the time - and that distraction helped me get to a better time. I am forever grateful to have her in my life.

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Sasha Galbraith | RAW WILD Customer Testimonial

1. Tell us the story behind how you found Kiri and Rana?

In 1993 I was living with my husband in Los Angeles, during a time when there was a rash of car jackings. He didn’t want me driving around in my convertible alone… he said he wanted a big, mean-looking dog to give would-be car jackers pause.  A friend introduced me to the breed and said they were being used by many police departments as drug sniffers.  My first Malinois came from a breeder in Arizona who bred dogs for conformation (show lines).  This breed is a particularly bad one to get as a “starter” pet dog.  They take a LOT of work to socialize and they need a job or they will cause trouble.

2. What breed is your dog and how did you pick your dog(s) name(s)?

Belgian Malinois – Kiri is the oldest (10.5 years) and Rana (as in “Piranha”) is 3.5 years.  Rana is the 5th Malinois to join our family.  My prior Mals were named Tux, Jura and Nico.  All my dogs were named according to a few rules I have:

  1. The ending of the name can’t match any other dog’s name in the house. (So that when I yell for them to come back after they’ve jumped the fence pursuing a fox, rabbit, dear, moose or bear, they won’t mistake whom I’m calling.)
  2. The name has to be 2 syllables (see point number one – easier to scream out 2 syllables than 1 or 3)
  3. The name can’t mean anything obnoxious in another language.
  4. The dog has to “live” the name – i.e. the name has to fit the dog’s personality.

    Kiri means “rainbow” or “skin” in Maori; “mountain” in Cambodian and “left” in Malay.

    Rana means “Beautiful, eye catching” in Arabic, “Queen or royalty” in Sanskrit, and “frog” in Italian and Spanish.

    3. Why did you choose a Raw Diet for your dog and what problems did RAW WILD solve for your dog(s) health?

    At age 9, my first dog, Tux, developed “Wobbler disease” (instability of the cervical spine) and he started dragging his front feet. We had the 2 vertebrae in his neck fused, which arrested the progression of the disease, but he continued to have weakness in his hind end.  I started making his food at home (at first with cooked meats) since I suspected the store-bought, grain- and filler-laden food was not helping him.  I was right!  He snapped up and had a ton more energy.  As I read more about diets in dogs, I switched to preparing raw foods.  It changed Tux’s personality and he lived 3 more years post-surgery. From then on, all my dogs have eaten raw diets

    4. Tell us a funny story about your dog. Something they did, still do, or something that makes you love them so much?

    Rana likes to bite the water coming out of sprinklers (see video).  Kiri and Rana like to compete A LOT with each other.  Sometimes it gets a bit out of hand, but one will always bait the other.  One will have a ball or stick in her mouth, tease the other and then a game of chase ensues. (see the other video)

    5. What advice would you give other dog owners about switching to a Raw diet with RAW WILD?

    If you can afford it, do it!  Even supplementing a little raw will make them so much healthier.  My dogs’ teeth are incredibly white, and I think it’s from the raw diet. Rana, in fact, shouldn’t even be alive. In January 2016, she was diagnosed with GME (granulomatous meningoencephalomyelitis), which is an inflammation of the spinal cord fluid. Dogs with that diagnosis usually only last weeks to months.  I have to believe that the raw diet has probably helped her survive. Just look at her shiny coat!

    6. What makes your dog a special character or what special characteristics does your dog have?

    Kiri is afraid of bugs that fly and will run into her crate at the first sign of them. Rana likes to play with a deer that comes to visit. The two of them play a game of chase along the fence line.

    7. How has your dog changed your life or what impact has your dog made in your life or your family’s life?

    My husband was diagnosed with lung cancer and died less than 6 months later. It was an incredibly difficult time and I could not have made it through without my dogs.  About that same time, I joined a Mondioring club in Denver and have practiced that sport with Rana, my youngest dog. I’d competed in various dog sports in the past, but the Mondioring group of people are so down to earth.  They are incredibly supportive and a genuine pleasure to be with.  Mondioring helped me and my dogs get through a really tough phase in my life.

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