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Is My Puppy Stealing My Doritos?

Think about where your pup’s feet are all day, every day. They are not kept in nice cotton socks, stuffed into fine Italian loafers.   They are in bare contact with every surface encountered, and from the dog’s perspective – the dirtier the better!  Those fuzzy little paws are tromping through the garden and marching down the street and testing another dog’s landmines.  Then compound that situation with the fact that most of a dog’s sweat glands are located in the pads of their feet. 

What is My Pup Really Eating?

Meat, meal, protein, beef meal, bone meal, blood meal, byproduct meal, what is all this stuff in my dog food?!?!  Parts is parts – right?  There are lots of euphemisms for the contents of common dog foods, but what do they really mean?  Many sound OK, but some are intended more to hide the facts than convey an accurate account of what is in it.

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