Do Vets Like Raw Meat for Dog Food?

In a word, YES!  Over the 55 Million years of our dog's natural evolution, grain-based, dry dog food kibble at the grocery store just wasn't available.   In fact, the idea of dog 'kibble' didn't even arise until 1860 in London, England.  Your vet will tell you that your dog's whole body is built to eat meat, not grains or corn.  From all sharp, pointy teeth to hold and cut meat (like a knife and fork - no flat molars for grinding plants like a cow), to a very short intestinal track that can only process proteins, the heart of a wolf still beats in your pup.  (Did you know that the intestines of a carnivore (like your dog), are only about 6 times their body length, while a herbivore is more like 27 times their body length!?).   

Vets like raw meat dog food not just because it is GOOD for your dog, but because of how BAD kibble is for your dog.  Just do a Google search of 'worst dog food', or 'dog food recall', or even 'class action dog food', to get an idea of how bad kibble is for your pup.  All the pesticide soaked, GMO, not-fit-for-human-consumption grains are what go into your pup's dog food kibble.  Sure, you have to handle and store  raw meat differently; but no more so than that chicken in your fridge for tonight’s dinner.  Your pup's health will really appreciate the difference, and it probably doesn't cost any more than the daily latte from your favorite coffeeshop.  Isn't that family member worth the little extra effort?

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